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    I'm done with the first pass on the input config!

    It loads! It saves! It lets you rebind keyboards! It lets you rebind gamepads! It slices! It dices!

    Now I'm moving on to another critical piece of infrastucture... THE INTERNATIONALIZATION SYSTEM.

    Wish me luck!

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    28 Days later...

    1: Been preoccupied by my day job; I decided to quit it to start focusing on Breadbros full time!

    1. I got the Keyboard config stuff in, up through load/save. Need to finish it off with Joystick config, but we're close!2bacd4d4-f9be-4a83-b1ba-3f6c0d68a1c6-image.png

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    A week late and a weak post, but I got SOME work done:
    Still plodding through the input menu stuff; just got a new xbox controller so I can test the XNA builtins and Overkill pointed me at some more generic controller code that'll just, you know, work with generic gamepads?

    Otherwise I've got it so bound keys now legitimately unbind! Yay! Now I need to make sure you can't ever unbind the last keyboard binding for something, and... do the gamepad unbinding, and binding for both (have the if/else's set up for it all, but it's a lot of edge cases I... need to add more if/elses for!)

    Oh and then I need to add loading and saving of all of this.


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    Okay so, I'm like a week late. Thankfully, I'm not losing yet again.

    I'm STILL working on the key/button rebinding systems! I'm getting about 5-10 hours a week in on Sully right now and this looks like it was a 40-50 hour boi.

    Currently I've augmented the systems for full subscription/unsubscription. Gayo didnt go the whole mile 10 years ago when he made XNAVERGE, but I can hardly blame him ❤

    It only works with actual xbox controllers atm and I need to figure THAT one out (probably need to use a different input library ultimately? Anyone have good c# recommendations for both win/mac?)

    What's left on this feature, though?

    1. The UI isn't yet completed. I'm past "choose a virtual key (i.e., up/down/confirm/cancel etc" and "choose unbind an existing key or bind a new key" and I'm past capturing diff'd keypresses. But now I have to go down about 6 if/else paths because this is a very edge conditiony problemspace. Like: "how about never unbind the last key for an action, lest you remove your ability to play the game or even fix the problem." Stuff like that.

    2. I need to add savefile stuff for this all! Dehydration and rehydration, baby!

    Anyways, I bet this is what my next post is about too. Alas.

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    No pretty screenshots yet!

    What have I done in the last few days?

    Started work on the keyboard/controller remapping features!

    It's boring! It's needed! I'm doing it!

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    Today's update is pretty light unfortunately. Moslty I've been doing DaY jOb StUfF but in regards to Sully Endeavors I've... assisted in merging the Demo branch into Mainline and still that ended up being mostly John.

    But I started.

    ...viva la Gruedorf. 😞

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    Whoops, forgot to post.

    Now, most of this effort was Ustor, but Thursday and Friday I also put in a bunch of work culminating in this:


    and this:

    ...and now the work begins for the PUBLIC demo!

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    The website work from last time was in preparation for a public demo!

    Ustor and I are rushing on prepping one. He's done a buncha work (❤️) and I've bugtested... but also I've started working on various polish bits like... Opening Title Cards!

    I had a previous WIP, but I really didn't like the direction it was going, so I've been working on some design ideation today!

    Wanna see some sketches? Of course you do!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Did you know that "doodling" is work if you call it "design"?

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    Hey look, I updated sullyrpg.com and breadbros.com!

    Man, I have committed SO many css crimes. But rest assured that the site is usable on a Galaxy Fold now.

    ...which has less horizontal resolution than VERGE 1.


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    This week:

    • Fixed a bunch of breaditor bugs (the port broke the context menus and a few editing operations because of one library trying to override another library's const. lol?)
    • Finished the first pass of the full Dungeon of Love! Take that!
    • Added Sparklies to the Green Chests when you enable them (???????)
    • Started debugging the Standalone Demo (?????) (?!?!?!?!) (!!!!!)
    • You get no pretty screenshots
    • okay: maybe one


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  • bengrue bengrue

    Yes, it was only an hour, but some weeks, that's what I have to give.

    Some weeks, that's all anyone can do.

    But you did it, so you continue to not-lose!

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    Hey! It's been a week! Neat!

    Largely I've been working on the Breaditor, making it so you dont need to have existing assets to start a new project

    look at my Breaditor time log wow that's a lot of work


    I also got CI/CD working for Breaditor and ported it to a modern Electron version and also Typescript. It's not, by any means, fully converted to typescript, but there are pieces that are and the way forward is open!

    62ca0ea1-9b8d-4a08-8647-7df7c02bff8b-image.png 28d27ca8-70ff-43b1-b8a6-a16ddce14bd7-image.png

    So yeah, that's all neat. Once I'm done with this "new map" workflow, I'm going to add one more feature (image-file watching so if you edit your tileset's base image in an editor (like photoshop) it auto-refreshes it into Breaditor. That should provide a fully serviceable workflow for new users to start with!

    After I add that, my focus with Breaditor will be bugfixing if people report bugs, but mainly getting to version 2.1, with a much sexier dockable tabbed panel interface.

    (Oh yeah and I should work more on Sully.)

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    Today's update (slightly late, I got plenty done in the past seven days, I just had Keto Superfog Brain last night...)

    1. The post-Big-Daddy-Bubba-Fight scene has it's first pass! This is one of my favorite scenes in the game, Tons of editing and scripting need to be done to make it more dynamic than 300 raw lines of exposition, but progress is progress!
      A peak:
      (Weird formatting note: Bubba's text needs two spaces at the front of line 1 of any box and one space at the front of line 3 of any box to avoid the overwhelming power of his hat and shawl.)

    2. I replaced hardcoded Portrait definitions with data-driven ones that were actively reloaded while in debug mode upon map reload!

      • This allows me to iterate on scenes quicker if I need new portraits!
      • This also allows me to make a in-editor tool easier for knowing when my textboxes overflow, and to assist with translation!

    And that's it for Sully Stuff that I can talk about! 😄

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    Today's update!!1

    Mostly my progress in the past week has been in updating the Breaditor's (Sully's Mapeditor) code link text to a modern version of Electron and Typescript.

    There... aren't any sexy screenshots today. Supersorry.

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    If you look in the Blogs section of this site, you might see activity!

    People are posting dev blogs there!

    You can join us! By posting one update every seven days (or fewer) about your project!

    That's it. That's GRUEDORF.

    You need neither be GRUE nor DORF to GRUEDORF.

    Come! Join us!

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    So, you ask, what delightful things did YOU work on in the last seven days, "McGRUE". If that IS your real name.

    1. It's mostly my real name
    2. Let me show you!


    Can you feel... the love?

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    What have I done?

    Bugfixes, mainly caused by the new features!

    My favorite was when I replaced three different logging systems (including Console.WriteLine) with a single logging system (Crustacean.CaptainsLog) and because I carried a through-line of using String.Format, it blew up when it saw some strings with curlies in them, expecting to interpolate strings!

    As we start going down more of a testing road I imagine there'll be a lot of bug cleanup.

    Later today I'm gonna get back into the mapscripting swing of things however!

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    This week's update is a little less spectacular. I've done a bit, but I'm going to try and keep my GRUEDORFING to Sully-only for the time being.


    • Added auto-generated version numbers to builds and display them on the title screen so testers can assign bugs to SPECIFIC VERSIONS! (hanks Emi!)


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