VERGE Games with Battle Systems

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v1 - Uh there was a Tactical RPG demo right?
v1 - Hahn - Hahn’s Sully Battle Demo (non-playable)
v1 - Tarkuss - Galaxy Destroyer (non-playable)
v1 - Zara - TinyTIM

v2 - Grenideer - Diver Down
v2 - Spram - Blimpo Warrior
v2 - Zara - Quest for Attire
v2 - Grue - Hero Rancher
v2 - Chentzilla - Bayor Blayne

v3 - Rysen - Amethyst
v3 - Grue - Sully 1.5
v3 - Kildorf - Geas
v3 - eldritch05 - Epic of Serinor: Dawnshadow

Currently making Sully: A Very Serious RPG:

Some more I thought of:

Legacy of the Big Shiny Objects (V2) - Lord Fruitigar
Dan’s Final Fantasy Arena Demo (V1) - FireWarrior (Dan)

My HoV entry, Phoenix Flame (V3) had a really basic one too

V2 - The Curse of Dragmoria, which I mentioned on Discord, has an interesting, if flawed, battle system.

Also, there’s a tactical (you can move as well as attack) battle system in Beyond Babel (winv2, game by Lucid Dreams - Choris, Infey)
Beyond Babel tactical battle system

I have some other entries for the list.

v2 - eldritch05 - You Only Live Thrice
v2 - eldritch05 - The Guy Who Mugged Me

Both of these were HoV contest entries I created with my step-brother. If I recall correctly, You Only Live Thrice’s system was exceedingly simplistic. The Guy Who Mugged Me’s system was somewhat more complex and correspondingly more buggy.


v3 - eldritch05 - Epic of Serinor
v3 - eldritch05 - Epic of Serinor: Legacy of Llygam

The Epic of Serinor game from the early 2000’s used a fully turn-based system as opposed to Dawnshadow’s more active system. (I’ve since added an “Age of Heroes” subtitle onto the old game/story in my notes to distinguish it from all the other Serinor stories I have.) Legacy of Llygam was another HoV entry (I think? It was some time-limited contest, because it was released unfinished.) and uses a Might and Magic first-person sort of system.

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