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Overkill's devlog

Quiet week.

Work was busy, and the particular feature work I'm doing right now is really not that enjoyable to look into, but necessary for the project. Trying to motivate myself to finish this, so I can look at something else, but there's a ways to go with it.

I did a little more coding on Wiz, moving things around and attempting to clean things up. Still lots of mess to still go with this, but starting to see the other side of it. The intermediate work is kind of unenjoyable to do, but trying to keep working through this. Lots of stuff that probably needs to get organized better, and it's painful to look at. Trying to split things out into the smaller subsystems, and fix up all the dependencies between the different subsystems, so the whole thing can compile again. Even if it means a mess in the meantime, hoping I can close this out at some point.

Again, it would likely be way easier to do this cleanup work if it was tired to a direct feature or something, but unfortunately, I put off cleaning up the technical debt for too long. Making it hard to add features without growing the mess, and hard to adapt much of what was there without a refactor in the first place. But this is stuff I've said already at this point.

I'm kind of discouraged how slow this is going, but considering I maybe only spent a few hours total, spread out across days, it's understandable why this is a slow and tedious process. Still, if I can finish up this initial pass at splitting everything up in some form, then I can worry untangling things. It might be easier at that point, because it will be possible to divide-and-conquer the pieces to tidy up, without impacting the others.

Also, on Sunday I got sick. Originally I just thought my apartment was stuffy, or maybe I was dehydrated or something, because it was really warm out. But I drank plenty more liquids, and the symptoms persisted overnight and during the rain. I don't have a thermometer, but it's 17 C at night and I didn't really feel this at all. During the daytime today, I actually thought I was better, but tonight the fever-like aspects returned. I've been isolating at home and have the windows open and fan on. I currently only have 1 of 2 vaccination shots, so there's always a potential risk.

I had originally planned to have a stay-at-home vacation at the end of this week, but I'll most likely need to cancel, so I don't burn my vacation days as sick days. Unless I get very lucky and this thing resolves itself by the morning or something. I have a feeling I'll need to get a test and self-isolate at home more, which is not fun.

Wishing that this blows over quickly and crossing fingers that it isn't what I think it is. Hope to talk more next week.

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