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here's an updated link! I set this one to not expire, hopefully that works?

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If you look in the Blogs section of this site, you might see activity!

People are posting dev blogs there!

You can join us! By posting one update every seven days (or fewer) about your project!

That's it. That's GRUEDORF.

You need neither be GRUE nor DORF to GRUEDORF.

Come! Join us!

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New rule: Blogs category also is for all gruedorf posts.

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Blog posts from individual members

[GRUEDORF] Grue's Sully Updates Thread

Wow, 64 days. I've lost... 9 cycles.

Well, some of those I didnt do work (but I was sick. Did you know there was a Pandemic on?) and some of those I did... but I can't talk about the work (did you know there's laws? 😠 )

But here I am, (now) (to) Rock you like a hurricane!

So, what's today's Gruedorf update?

Well... what if the BREADitor had an actually good base UI framework and acted like a core Adobe app?

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