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    Very cool to see there's still Verge projects being made these days! Let alone Verge games that have plans for a Steam release! ^^ This looks like a cool RPG project, congrats on making this! It's neat to see Epic of Serinor go through so many changes over the years and see it's still going. also I like that story-book style HUD around the game!

    Hearing about that Steamworks stuff, it would be nice to merge those changes into the Verge repository some day (if you're willing to share!)

    I think deprecating VC and a few other features was a bit of a misstep looking back, since their replacement (the VC-to-Lua cross-compiler) was never fully realized, although Kildorf did make some decent progress on it. I think we probably could bring back those removed features, and merge in the new changes. It looks like most development on Verge sort of froze in 2011, but it would be neat to make a small QoL style release that makes it usable on older VC projects again, and merges in the other changes.

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    Heyyy! What's new with everyone these days?

    I figured it would be nice to start a topic since the forum reboot and stuff and see what's new.


    Something lately has made me interested in looking at Verge again for fun. The other day I was feeling nostalgic, and started messing around with Maped2 in DOSBox and drawing tiles and maps. (It's pretty fun! even if DOSBox crashes frequently!)

    I've also played around with PICO-8 a bunch and something about an environment where it's easy to draw sprites to the screen and make little scripted stuff is fun. I think some of the appeal that PICO-8 has is similar to what Verge had going for it, quick and easy to throw together projects and make small games.

    (Part of me sorta wants to go back and revisit Verge 3 (and bring back VC from the 3.2 release into the master) and port it over to SDL2 for better portability, and add some sleep/vsync stuff to ShowPage so it runs with less CPU consumption for most games. It could be kinda neat as a small change to make the engine more usable/preserve older stuff and make it run more stable on new computers)


    So yeah, other stuff. For a while I worked at Tribute Games in Montreal here. In April 2017, I released a game called Flinthook for PC/PS4/XB1/Switch, which is a roguelike action platformer with pirates in space and run-and-gun action. Since then, I did a few odds and ends and eventually left there. This year has been all over the place (part freelance, part new job) but been poking around with little projects here and there.

    What has everyone else been up to?

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