Unpacker tool for Verge 2 .vrg-files

Just wondering if this unpacker tool is still somewhere out there?
The included packer program in Verge 3 (which appears to be the go-to version) doesn’t work with the files in Diver Down…

edit Oh, I see now, you were able to get file 736 “v2unpack_hack.zip” and it doesn’t work on x.vrg which would contain the music…

It seems these packfiles are encrypted. I was able to find winv2 source and build an unpacker. I put it here:


And hopefully someone else can commit some small packfile cases and help me improve this. But anyway, I didn’t end up using it, because…

visit here: http://grenideer.com/diverdown/_htm/download.htm

download the dos version and the music is already unpacked

Finally and most importantly:

  • enya.xm is “exile” from 1988’s Watermark.
  • aquarium.s3m is a strange demo or demake version of awesome’s “aquarium” (search for AWS_AQUA.XM)

Magnificent work zeromus, thank you so much! 😄

The github code works after a slight rewrite of the decrypt loop ending condition (e.g. cast the file header buffer directly to char* instead of going via int).

That discovery you made about the unpacked music in the dos-version should suffice to circumvent the need of using it for the only strictly legal purpose though, so that’s good to know! Personally, however, I wanted to use the unpacker for something a bit more shady (getting the Drek animation the lazy way), but I can’t imagine the devs would have any problems with it given that it’s being used for private purposes only… O.o