June devlog time!

During the month of June, I submitted The Mangotronics Employment Collection to Steam for review. I was finally able to get whitelisted for a Steamworks publisher account after a bunch of annoying back-and-forth, setting up a business bank account and all that fun stuff. Here’s the bulleted list of my accomplishments this month.

What I Did:

Got a Steam publisher account Added 3 new games to the collection (signed 2 more contracts) Did a lot of planning and re-prioritization of tasks Updated the web site & published 3 minor updates to Itch.io Integrated the Steamworks API into the existing project Added achievements and Steamcloud support Submitted to Steam for review

What I Need to Do:

Monitor the results of Valve’s review process Make any necessary changes and resubmit Add another game and throw feature creep out the window Marketing marketing marketing… Testing testing testing… Press the Publish button

The planned release is for July 22nd, and I’m stoked!

I’ll follow up to this post with details on the above accomplishments hopefully before then.