Just a small update that’s 2 weeks late.

My fiancee’s younger sister (there’s a biiiig age gap between them) is only 14 and an AMAZING artist. In school she’s in a program where she’s been doing some pixel art and has fallen in love with it. She’s ridiculously good at it too.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of her pixel art, but I do have a few of her pieces screenshotted.

alt text

I remember having a conversation with her last year about her playing with Godot a bit in school, and she was given all these links so that she could do stuff at home. But, they didn’t have a computer at home. Out of the entire family, I think she relates to me most because she loves games, loves the idea of game development, is, again, a fantastic artist especially for her age, but just never had the resources at home to pursue it outside of school hours.

Well, I upgraded my computer last year, so I had some spare parts. For her birthday this year, I bought a couple of other parts and ended up building her, her very own computer. Her Mom then bought her a monitor, and now she has a nice little PC setup she can mess around with.

Last night she showed me some of the stuff she was working on and it was really cool. She’s played some of my old Verge games and other projects, and was picking my brain about a game idea she had. She already has the main character designed, showed me the pixel version she created, and it looks really good. I was really blown away. Not only that, she was telling me about the style of game, ideas she had for mechanics, and we kind of brainstormed together about what it would like/how it would play, etc. It was a lot of fun…and I remember thinking at her age was probably when I first started becoming interested in game dev, so it was just all around a cool thing.

She asked if I would help her make this game, if she did all the art, would I be willing to help her with programming and making it come to life.

I definitely did my best to set expectations for her…game dev is hard, it takes a long time, we might not finish it (as is our way), she may lose interest, etc. etc., but that I’ve been looking for a project, and would be happy to spend some time putting stuff together for her and helping her bring a vision to life.

So, hopefully for the next post I’ll have some screens to show you, because I think you’ll all be pretty impressed with her work.

Now, I’m excited too.