• B bluestar

    Hey there guys ,

    Bluestar here (Matt) , just wanted to say hello - I miss verge! Lots of good memories from my pre- and high school days. I really value what I learned from some of the people involved with verge. Many good times in front of a computer screen. Part of me wishes I had pursued video game art as a career.

    My wife and I just moved into New York state. Hudson valley area. I’ve been tattooing full time and make a living from my art for ten years now. I spent a lot of time doing portraiture , since moved on.. I am doing a lot of work with stain on wood nowadays.

    I really miss being involved in the creation of video games. I still play games frequently, recently I’ve been loving hollow knight. I’d absolutely love the opportunity to make some art for video games . I don’t have a lot of digital art experience, although if I had to create tile set and sprites I don’t think that the software would be too complicated. I really still love pixel art.
    I had a long battle with alcohol abuse, stayed sober for three years and now I’m trying my hand at controlled drinking. My mind is my worst enemy. I have good days and bad days but frankly I am blessed.
    Miss you guys, hope I hear from y’all more on this board. Check me out on Instagram if you want . @cloranthy

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