Looking for Legacy of the Big Shiny Objects (Tech Demo)

Hello! I’m looking for a demo called Legacy of the Big Shiny Objects (Tech Demo), which could be previously found here:
but now the link is dead.

Looks like someone on reddit is looking for this game: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/comments/jmhlyu/pc_95_to_98_final_fantasylike_rpg_with_blobby/

Maybe someone have it stored somewhere?

I don’t think this is the exact file that was linked to on that old page, but I was able to find this. I was able to get it to run in dosbox but it was extremely slow to load, took several minutes at least. I wasn’t able to find the specific battle system, but maybe this is enough to get started?

Totally abusing discord’s attachments here. 😛


@Hatchet Thanks, but, judging by the monster pics, this is not a game I’m thinking of (and probably not the one described in this thread).
Did Zarathustra ever release a Verge 2 demo with battle system? My memories tell me that he did, and it had characters similar to the ones from Zeux’s World.

@Hatchet (Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, that truly is a rare find and you are a good person to find/keep this history. It just turned out I was thinking about another demo.)

Hey @Chentzilla no worries, I thought it was a long shot. 🙂 I don’t know about Zaratustra releasing a traditional battle system in Verge 2, I know there were a few. I’ll have another look through my archives when I get the chance and see if I can find anything that might match!