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    Hey friends! The past two weeks have been rather chaotic for me as I unexpectedly lost my job and have been on the warpath to finding a new one. I managed to miss my gruedorf timer, but papa @kildorf reassured me I will stop losing when I post!

    I did manage to sneak in some dev time, most notably giving portrait sprite-work a go. Given the FFT-inspired vibe I was going for with the sprite, I decided to make a FFT-style portrait!


    When I get some more free time I'm going to try drawing some more. I threw it into the game real quick in the inventory menu.

    Besides this, the only development changes was a finnicky bug fix where the selected inventory tile would remain highlighted if you closed it while highlighted. Considering I'll be unemployed next week, I'll probably have more time to work on this stuff. 😆


    Thanks to all of you guys on here and Discord keeping me encouraged to keep going. Life is full of scrapes and bruises, we just have to keep going!

    Until next time. Keep developing!

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    Hi friends!

    Here is what I've been up to on hobby projects since my last update:

    A little progress on Boxfort. I've started embarking on the Inventory feature.


    Now when pressing Tab, the inventory is visible on the screen in the bottom right. When mousing over a particular slot, it will be highlighted. This should lead into a similar system for equipping items.

    This is only client-side work so far; eventually I will need to figure out where this data is handled on the internet, which will probably be on the RESTful API.

    On other projects: I help @Hatchet with some of his projects, like Mannux! We have been scheming bringing Mannux to Godot, and I'm laying the foundation for us to move rapidly later. Pretty rough right now, no actual code has been written yet, but things are starting to visually be there.


    It's alive! I've also managed to get some sprites animating.

    Here's Tabby Breathing!

    See Tabby Breath

    And here she is running!

    See Tabby Run

    Keep on gamedeving, friends!

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    Hi guys! I am working on an isometric multiplayer online role playing game.


    Project Title:


    Main Ideas:

    • An easily-accessible online role playing game with fighting, crafting, trading, and friendship.
    • Log on to mine some ores, gather some herbs, create some potions, craft a weapon or slay a cave troll.
    • Level up your character, gather better loot, and become an epic adventurer!
    • Move around barrels, crates, or any object you find around the world.
    • Investigate every locker, trunk, or corpse you see! There could be loot anywhere!
    • Set up camp in your ideal spot of the woods, and build a fort with your friends!
    • Form a guild, build a guild house, and host world events!
    • Go on epic cave dives with your friends and compete for loot found on dangerous foes!
    • Target the casual and the hardcore players. Anyone sitting at a desktop can browse to the domain and start playing right away.
    • A downloadable desktop client will be available to those who want it. I do imagine mobile would become a target as well, however I am prioritizing keyboard/mouse.

    Main Features:

    • Map System
    • Inventory
    • Combat
    • Map Object System
    • Gathering
    • NPC
    • Leveling System
    • Map Editor
    • Crafting
    • Character Customization
    • Auction House
    • Chat
    • Party/Group
    • Data Population
    • Friends List
    • Multiple Characters Per Account
    • Guild



    • Chat ✅
    • Map Editor ✅
    • Map Movement ✅
    • Map Object System ✅

    As of now, 4 features have been prototyped, and 12 core features must be prototyped to define a "complete prototype", putting the game at 33% to prototype complete.
    Then the game will move toward alpha, beta, open beta, and eventually release.



    • The client and socket server are being built in Godot. The socket server is being used for movement, chat, and (eventually) combat.
    • Crafting, inventory, trading, and auctions will be managed by a RESTful API. I have an API protoyped in Python+Django, however I need to get this onto a better ecosystem (ie off google cloud).
    • I am using AWS Lightsail (lightweight linux vm) to host the socket server, and AWS S3 (static bucket file hosting) to host the client.

    The current prototype is accessible via my personal domain:

    Ultimately I'd like to get this project a new name and a fresh coat of paint. Right now I am using some stock graphics and ripped a Final Fantasy Tactics squire (lol).

    The sky's the limit here! I mean, within the requirements I've set out, anyway.

    Video (on Google Drive) of two players walking in the world

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