"Where to download V3?"
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Just a thought. I still see one or two posts about this. Why?

1) people are stupid?
2) it's actually hard to download Verge3?

This keeps getting asked more than anybody would like or care to admit.

It is worth noting...

1. Someone needs to change the date on the current engine link under the Vital Links on sidebar.

2. The only other way to locate a copy of the 'current build' of the engine (Dec. 11th, apparently) is to go through the Browse Old Index feature.

Assuming they miss the sidebar, you can't find the latest copy of Verge3 without going through at least four different web pages (mainly due to the fact that the downloads page contains no hint of where to find the V3 engine until you click Browse Old Index -- and to be honest, who would think you'd have to go through an old index of downloads just to find the current engine? It is possible that this is actually confusing.

Mind you, why they can't even look at the Vital Links Sidebar is peculiar. Maybe it's just not particularly noticeable.

It is possible that these people who cannot find the engine choose not to make use of Beginner's Resources mainly because they want just to download the engine and see what it does, as opposed to an introduction and tutorials.

Of course I can't figure out why the people who post this question can't at least look first at Beginner's Resources or the sidebar.

(edit: after answering a help post I did immediately realize that despite being mislabelled, the Vital Links Sidebar does indeed link to the current version of the engine as opposed to some July version. ...It's still worth it to fix that, though).

Posted on 2006-12-28 11:11:12


i think your missing a few details though. You see when i started i read the tuts and downloaded the package but being a non programer at the time (and still now) the tuts where all jargon to me (until the latest releases of course) plus i think i people are stupid they like alot of purty pictures aswell =)

Posted on 2007-01-10 08:53:58

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