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There are a few things you can do here without me yelling...

1) Request new features. If you have something youe want added to the website, do so here. Please start a new thread with this request and prefix your title with FEATURE REQUEST.

2) Request account recovery help. If you need an old account's email address changed, or have several old accounts you'd like collapsed into one account, please ask here. For any of these problems, please POST TO THE ACCOUNT RECOVERY THREAD DIRECTLY BELOW THIS ONE ON THE MAIN LIST.

3) Bug reports: If the site is acting buggy, DO NOT POST THE REPORT HERE. Email me at mcgrue (at) verge-rpg (dot) com ASAP. I would very much appreciate this, and it earns you points towards the pending user merit system.

4) Whatever I haven't covered here, as long as it pertains to the website, is valid. Non-website issues will be demerited with extreme prejudice, for organization's sake. You have been warned.

Posted on 2004-02-12 06:05:30

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