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As documented in the thread , Rafael_Esper has released a set of java tools to provide verge-like api and format loading to game makers!

Of note is that while it supports familiar API calls, all of the game scripting is done directly in java. There is no Lua or VC here, so reimplementation will be a factor if you choose to use this for an existing project.

The engine and some example games are available on github:

Some screenshots!
Are in the folder at

Posted on 2012-04-29 20:28:02 (last edited on 2012-04-29 20:29:42)


I would really appreciate if anyone could run the .Jar files and identify any problem, informing the platform and configuration that it was run (and also FPS, that I'm now plotting in the screen, with and without the fullscreen F6 option)

A former Verger "Joshito" (or "bakgwailo") helped me identifying some problems with sound in Linux, and he is also willing to help with the engine development.

Maybe we could assemble a team to evolve the JVerge engine, so it could be the future of Verge. I'm thinking about adding script support (VC or Lua), optimize and clean it up more, implement the missing functions (and newer ones), port it to a mobile device (like Android), and so on. There are a lot of work to do!

Right now, if you could just download one demo like Sully Chronicles or Alex Kidd in the repository, and test it, that would be awesome.

Rafael, the Esper.

Posted on 2012-05-23 00:05:13

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