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A map. For a technology demo. For demonstrating technology. You might one day get to play this demo, although Perceptions has changed a bit since then. Originally, I'd hoped to have the whole game mouse controlled: click to select, click to move, click to talk etc. In practice, this was more of a hassle than a benefit so I dropkicked it out of the design and instead began work on a mouse / keyboard hybrid control system instead.

Note the Baldurs' Gate-inspired sidebar listing the characters in the current party. The whole interface has since been thrown out: I felt it was verging on the downright derivative and - even in 640x480 resolution - was bloody huge, blocking about an 8th of the screen. The new interface works on the principle of "you only see it when you need it," rather than "you see it. All the time."

Also note an appearance by The Sully Chronicles' Darin, who was serving as the tech demo's temporary tour guide. No, he's not in the proper game.
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