Listing Mode

In the Battle Menu Demo Gallery

Presently implemented as a hack of the system (but a fully functioning hack), is the listing mode. This takes a large list of items that you don't want to display all at once, and draws them in ye olde scroll-widget-having list.

In keyboard/joypad mode, up and down virtual buttons move the cursor one slot at a time (an ideal place for McFAIL's key repeater), and the left and right shoulder virtual buttons pageup and page down.

In the mouse mode, clicking on the scrollbar's up and down arrows moves the entire listview up and down one entry at a time (no need for cursors at all in mouse mode, after all), but sadly I've not implemented (nor do I plan to implement) 'grabbing' the scrollbar and moving the display that way. Supersorry. However, the mouse scrollwheel, if present, can page up and page down quickly, which is superawesome.

If anyone else wants to implement the scrollbar grabbing/moving, be my guest. ;)

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