Battle Menu Demo

This is a demonstration of the battle menu system I've developed. It can accept input from keyboard, controller, or mouse. The boxes are abstracted to be skinnable so you can change how they look relatively easily. There's a help system that you can modify to bring up a help window associated with whatever the active item was when you pressed the help button. And most importantly, the entire battle menu runs off of a formatted string that you can read in from a file, or generate via code, or really get from anywhere you can get strings from.

Along with the battle menu demo, I created a few more libraries I'll be spinning out for this, including the fourth version of my in-verge renderengine (which is running all of those moving pictures in the background, and is being polished to run an entire battle system), a really cheap-ass implementation of a hash table (not optimized yet with a tree of keys, but that's an eventuality) that I made to store and look up the help text, and an abstracted and documented interface to the scrollbar code that Zip made for the 2004.10 release of Sully. Yay!

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