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Okay. Here is a site that I found that contains tutorials for creating RPG characters and other kinds of sprite art. But this is mainly for if you want to have an old school-style, but I believe that this could also apply other colors to it.


Posted on 2007-05-07 21:08:58


Ack. I just checked this again (I checked it when seel first posted it as well) and it seems it's being taken down. Which is unfortunate, because it was actually quite a good site.

It included among its tutorials the well put-together pixel artist tutorials written by Tsugumo. In light of the fact that spriteart seems to be going away, I dug out the link to Tsugumo's tutorials because really, if you're planning to do pixel art, they're just good things to read.

(as hosted by zoggles.co.uk, it appears)

Posted on 2007-06-02 10:25:29


Actually, Tsugumo came back a short while ago and updated his tutorial:


and a pixel art specific forum for those looking for critique:


Posted on 2007-06-02 19:57:20


Oh man, I had no idea that it had been updated. That's awesome! Thanks, Darien.

Posted on 2007-06-04 10:38:52


Just checked those links and all of them seem to be broken. Spriteart.com seems to work, but I can't find anything on tutorials or whatnot. The second set of two don't exist anymore.

However, some searching provided some other sites with teaching goodness:

Derek Yu - A 10-step approach to doing some sprite work.

Mark's Pixel Tutorial - Covers most of the same material as Derek Yu

Pixel Patterns - A good tutorial for doing things like floor tiles and such.

Posted on 2009-08-07 13:07:41

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