How to scratch out the animation/images from .vc files?
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Hi guys.
A while ago I found a very cute game with quite good animation and I wished to.. well... took pics from it. Made gif or something. Have my preciouss with mee... khem, nevermind.
Game files have the .vc extension, of course.
So there is the question: how to extract images from game files?
I've looked around the forum/tutorials but I didn't found the methode how to do that. Does it even exists, that methode?

Thank you in advance :3
And - sorry, if I started this thread in the wrong forum section.

Posted on 2012-09-08 15:08:56 (last edited on 2012-09-08 15:09:18)


I'm unsure I understand the problem. Are you trying to make an animated gif, or use an animated gif in your game,or...

What game file are you trying to extract an image from?

Posted on 2012-09-15 01:42:53

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