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This short demo provides a function to save a VERGE image reference as a .BMP, and provides a brief example. This is a lua-fication of [code] function WriteFileBitmap24(out_image_handle, filename) img_x = v3.ImageWidth(out_image_handle) img_y = v3.ImageHeight(out_image_handle) if (img_x * img_y) == 0 then return 0 -- Return on bad image end if (img_x * 3 % 4) then img_xtra = 4 - (img_x * 3 % 4) -- Padding needed else img_xtra = 0 -- No padding needed end img_size = ((3 * img_x) + img_xtra) * img_y -- Size of image data in bytes out_file = v3.FileOpen(filename .. '.bmp', v3.FILE_WRITE) if out_file <= 0 then return 0 -- Return on bad path or unopenable file end v3.FileWriteWord(out_file, 19778) -- bfType - Header of 'BM' v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 54 + img_size) -- bfSize - File size v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- bfReserved1, bfReserved2 - Two reserved words v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 54) -- bfOffBits - Offset to image data v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 40) -- biSize - Size of (windows) bitmap info structure v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, img_x) -- biWidth - Image width v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, img_y) -- biHeight - Image height v3.FileWriteWord(out_file, 1) -- biPlanes - Err... one v3.FileWriteWord(out_file, 24) -- biBitCount - Bits per pixel v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- biCompression - No compression v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, img_size) -- biSizeImage - Size of bitmap data v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- biXPelsPerMeter v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- biYPelsPerMeter -- X/YPelsPerMeter specifies the horizontal/vertical resolution, -- in pixels per meter, of the target device for the bitmap. -- An application can use this value to select a bitmap from a resource -- group that best matches the characteristics of the current device. v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- biClrUsed - Not palletted data v3.FileWriteQuad(out_file, 0) -- biClrImportant - All colours important for yi = (img_y - 1), 0, -1 do --Move from bottom of image data up for xi = 0, (img_x-1), 1 do -- Write row of pixels out_pixel = v3.GetPixel(xi, yi, out_image_handle) v3.FileWriteByte(out_file, v3.GetB(out_pixel)) v3.FileWriteByte(out_file, v3.GetG(out_pixel)) v3.FileWriteByte(out_file, v3.GetR(out_pixel)) end -- for xi = img_xtra, 1, -1 do -- Pad to quad width -- v3.FileWriteByte(out_file, 0); -- end end v3.FileClose(out_file); return img_size; end [/code]
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