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First title by Xenathor Studios. Download Instructions: 1.) Click download, and then open folder. 2.) Open up The Phantom's Castle folder and open up Verge.exe 3.) Extract files to destination of choice. 4....
Lord Holzlarshire is found dead in his own pool at a party. The murderer must be among the guests. But who did it? You play as the detective at the murder scene. I hope that you won't be... (_) ( _)>=-= (-=_=) Taken for a PoolYEAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
Probably something like an adventure game. Great storytelling. Compelling arts. Outrageous overstatements. Try it!
Now it's for Mac!!! The first release from Silhouette Games, Lost Dog is a Visual Novel about a young boy named Billy who loses his dog Moomis. This release contains all (or at least most) of the components necessary to creating a full visual novel ...

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